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DaVinci Beads SALE

DaVinci Beads SALEDaVinci Beads SALE

DaVinci Bead Fashion Frenzy!
Shop the largest selection of DaVinci Beads, DaVinci Jewelry, DaVinci Rings and DaVinci Earrings on-line and enjoy the best prices and award winning customer service. We have been proudly bringing you all the latest Da Vinci Bead offerings for the past 6 years and our selection grows by the month. DaVinci Beads offer you the flexibility to customize your jewelry or your gift to the your interests or the gift recipient interests. They make fabulous gifts for graduates, Moms, friends and for anyone that needs a little pick me up.

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Stay Stylish with DaVinci Beads!
A high quality, affordable line of European-Style Charm Beads. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, Da Vinci beads are designed to be worn and treasured for years to come. Our DaVinci Beads & Bauble Lulu beads are interchangeable on all our bracelets, keychains, lanyards and keychains.

How do I choose the right size bracelet?
Start by using a flexible measuring tape to measure around your wrist where your bracelet is likely to be worn. Because your DaVinci beads will need space, add approximately 1 inch to the measurement. That is the correct bracelet length. This should serve as a guide, but some women prefer their bracelets to be looser or tighter. The more beads you add or plan on adding, the longer the bracelet will need to be. For most women with a complete bracelet, the 1 inch guideline works very well. If you want a different size after you receive your order, please give us a call and we will exchange it at no charge.

What are DaVinci Beads made of?
DaVinci Beads are made of a carefully crafted blend of jeweler’s metals that give them not only their signature quality look and shine, but also their durability and affordability. By blending the charms made of the different metals, stones and quality designed art glass, you can create a necklace or bracelet complete for about the price that some brands charge for a single bead. Despite their affordability, these beads will match any other European charm bead jewelry in craftsmanship and fashion style.